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So I was sitting in the vaccine spot and I was looking at google maps. I notice this lake right next to me. I’m like 👀! After my 15 minute waiting period to see if I had any reaction to the shot, I rolled right over there. Low and behold I had to scoot past a no fishing sign at the base of a big hill so I knew I was in the right spot. Found a parking spot across the street and darted up the hill hoping to not have to hop a fence. Oh yea no fence baby!! Run down the other side of the hill to the bank and start casting. 5 casts in and my phone rings. I never answer a number I don’t know but for some reason I did. Son of bitch I left my wallet at the hospital. Grrrrr. So after running back to get it because I should have been on my way to work I decided not to be late for work and come back when I have more time. Bass - 1 Lou - 0

ill be back. #gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends #brizbaits

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Where do I begin?! Pops wanted to bag the trip due to rain and winds. He hates fishing in the wind. I wake up to no rain! Getting ready to hit the road I shoot him a text for one last check-in. "You wanna go? Not raining right now. Didn't take much convincing and he was at my house in 20! We fished for a good 2 hours in the wind but no rain. A few fish in the boat but nothing to write home about. Here comes the rain. We fish, deep, slow, fast, top, bottom and every other way from Sunday. Started back after the 4th hour of trenching rain. In the last 1000 yards of slow rolling back to the dock we came across them feeding on shad. It was cast after cast. We ended up with 30 fish in the boat. Most where 1-2 lbs but we also got to hold a few 3 and 4lbs as well. Caught on my 1.5" square bill in a craw pattern, and rattle traps and grubs. What epic day. Keep grinding folks. It always pays off at some point

#gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends

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Updated: Mar 29

We've all missed bites. We’ve all had that question, “What if it was a big one? What if it was a 10 pounder?” You’ve felt that tick in your line and swung into nothingness. Where did that fish go? How big was it? It happens. It’s going to happen again. Now in all likelihood, that was probably a 2 or 3 pounder. Generally speaking, a massive bass is going to suck the bait in and you’ll hardly feel it. You’re going to go to move your bait, and there is this dead weight on the end of your line. You always have the chance to swing into a big one. Maybe you will miss a big one or two, but as long as you get back up and keep fishing, you’ve got another chance at a beast.

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