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One day I was studying the Delaware for some spots to drop the kayak and do a float trip. I posted up for some spots and a gentleman by the name of Paul (another fishing fiend) was kind enough to send me some pins to check out. After taking a couple trips and some more back and forth on Facebook with pics and trips. I come to find out there are a few more of Paul’s family members that are also fishing fiends. I come to find out that Paul’s dad Tim makes custom rods for close friends and family. After bugging Paul enough, he finally asked his Dad to make me a rod. I was lucky enough to get my first hand made river smallmouth rod from someone who has been fishing the Delaware river a long time! A seasoned veteran of river fishing and rod builder. The rod was GREAT. I gave Tim some custom painted 1.5” square bills to fish and he has been using them ever since. Then one day I closed my custom rod in my tailgate. I was heartbroken. I had to reach back out to Tim and see if he would make me another rod. He agreed to make me a new stick in exchange for some custom painted baits. He made me this exceptional stick with a Philadelphia Flyers theme with some custom lettering also. I asked Tim if he would gimme a little background along with this new stick so you can see what type of passion goes into these rods and the LOVE of fishing. I have a saying I like to use “By a fisherman, for a fisherman” and this little read is exactly that. There is a great shot of Tim with a true GET HOOKED moment below.

From Tim himself….

I started fishing in earnest when we moved to Allentown NJ one street away from Conies Mill Pond or the "Lake" as it was known. Started taking my two sons fishing when Paul was almost 5 years old and Daniel was not quite 3 and he would sit in his stroller. We had 10' jonboat and would spent hours on the lake and go out to Assunpink or Stone Tavern lake and fish also. One day I was walking home from hardware store and the guy who did taxidermy in town stopped me and said here's the fish you wanted mounted, turned out the boys had taken a 15" large mouth bass there and said I wanted it mounted! They fished that lake so much my wife and I ran the towns 4th of July fishing contest for a number of years. My two boys continue to be avid fresh water fishermen to this day, Daniel has a nice SeaArk he designed for the river and takes me, Paul, my brother David fishing as much as we can. Two and a half years ago I decided I wanted to try and make my own fishing rod and dove into it. I have made close to three dozen rods - mostly spinning rods and a few bait casters, have only made a few surf rods and two saltwater boat rods. Every rod I've made is for someone's enjoyment and not for profit, the majority of them have gone to family members and close friends. I only ask for cost of materials as I'm not a true professional but an avid hobbiest.


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We started the day out fishing deep cause it was kinda hot. We were fishing a 15-20 feet steep drop off. Couldn’t get bit on the tube or the spinnerbait so we started to cruise towards the shallower water. As we got close to the shore we fished a grass line that started at the bank and came out about 10’ or so and that was about 12’ of water. I been doing really well on top water the past few weeks but nothing like today! I been searching for this blank for a while but could not find it in the smaller size I like so I ordered the bigger size. Painted them up a simple shad pattern in orange and blue and boy did it pay off! 12 fish in the boat with 10 of them being really nice chunks. Check out the tackle box section of the site to order your custom lure today! #gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends #topwateraction

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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

2020 has been great for me so far! We got a couple hundred bass in the boat so far. Some of my biggest coming on the 1.5" square bill with my sunfish pattern. Not to mention the 100 a day perch trips back in February and March.

The pre spawn chomp started about the second week in March for me with netting my biggest so far at 4.7lbs. I am blessed to be able to say that most of my fishing takes place with my Dad and my Daughter Sophie. The best fishing crew a guy could ask for. My goal for 2020 was naturally to fish as much as possible. Well today marks my 5th day in a row! I actually missed one this morning! 😤😤😤

I have also been able to get out and fish with some cool anglers and check out their set ups and boats and learn cool new shit. Been killing it with my 1.5” Squarebills in the sunfish pattern. The bass can’t seem to get enough. I also added custom made spinner baits to the tackle box on the website. Made by one of my best friends and fishing buddy for over 25 years. Check out the pics and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook at Lou’s Custom Pianted Lures and also the Get Hooked and Fishing Fiends groups. Always tons of useful info and killer fish pics. Thanks for stopping by! #gethooked #louslures

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