Jerk Bait Fishing...

There are a few ways to fish this bait. I like the side retrieve. But there is also a downward snapping retrieve. I use a Daiwa 6'8" Medium Fast. You can be creative and use different jerk and pause retrieves. Jerk, Jerk, Pause. Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Pause and so on. The colder the water the longer the pause. But by all means just because you may hear this is a cold water bait does not mean it will not work in the heat of the summer!

A jerkbait should swim over fish, not below them. To target fish at different depths during the season, carry shallow (0 to 3 feet), mid-depth (4 to 7 feet), and deep-diving (7 feet or more) jerkbaits.

I will use a floating model when working shallow cover. Pause, let the bait rise, then swim it over the object. Retrieve a floating jerkbait just beneath the surface with a jerk-pause-float to create splash and act like a dying minnow.
Suspending models maintain their depth when paused, but they’re not motionless.
Sinking model jerkbaits will get counted down to fish deeper water. When you pause on the sinker it is a sight few bass can not resist.

Floating Shallow - Diving

Mid- Depth

Deep - Diving

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