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Boat Maintenance

Typically, a boat is the most expensive part in your fishing world. Besides the total amount of some people’s tackle all added together. So with that being said, it is important to keep it running in top condition. To do this, you should run good oil in your motor, upper and lower. Secondly, wipe the boat down. This is a HUGE reason that boats look bad after one year of owning them, because people don’t wipe them down. Also, what makes your motor work????? GAS! This is a big factor in a good running motor vs. a rough running motor. I typically run 93 oct. throughout the whole year, until my last 2 fill-ups. Then I fill it with ethanol free, and put stabilizer in. Also, if you have a direct injection 2-stroke motor, like mine. You should always run the top oil, like XD-100/XD-50 or Mercury’s direct injection 2 stroke oil. This helps expand the life of your injectors and flows much better through them. And lastly, just use common sense. If you don’t remember if you changed your oil last fall, just change it again. If you think your motor has something wrong, bring it in. Because neglecting funny noises can cause astronomical problems. That’s all, if you take care of your things, they’ll take care of you.

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