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Cold Water Bass

Fishing for bass in cold water can be very frustrating and slow. First of all, when it’s very early in the season. Don’t expect to catch as many fish as easily as you would in the summer, they are very lethargic and slow. Which is why fishing a slow presentation, or a reaction bait (lipless crank or chatterbait) is the most effective. Some slow presentations like a ned rig, jerkbait, sometimes chatterbait, or just an ordinary jig worked very slow is a GREAT way to fish. Ned rigs and jigs are primarily bottom baits, meaning they target a bite from bottom dwelling bass. They can be fished almost anywhere you can find bass in the cold season, meaning drop offs, thin weed lines, or just points. This said, it‘s always good to have these ready to go and already tied on, just because how readily they can be used. Now, onto hard baits and moving baits. I find myself not throwing a crankbait (with lip) in cold until the water warms up to around 48 degrees, just because I get a lot more strikes fishing a jerkbait or chatterbait slower. But a lipless crank is always a great idea to use in cold water for depths ranging from 5ft to 14ish. Also, slow rolling a chatterbait (1/4-3/8 oz. for now) over structure like rocks or points is always strong, along with a natural/calm color jerkbait like perch, green, white, or purple is very enticing. That’s it, if you add these tips to your early season technique. You should be catching fish. Good luck and tight lines.

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