Crank Bait Fishing...

Crank baits happen to be one of my favorite ways to fish. Cranks baits are like a Rhino smashing through cover and rocks to create chaos and get that fish to bite. I like them because they are a great way to cover water and locate fish. Crank baits will dive any where from 1 - 20 feet. I personally like to fish the shallow ones and up to 10 feet deep. Here are a few...

1.5 & 2.5" Squarebills: Squarebill cranks are great for shallow water up to 5' deep. They get used with a variety of retrieves. You can burn them and get them to look like they are hunting through the rocks or give them a little reel, pause, reel technique. They will cover a lot of water and are a great fish locator.

Deep Divers: Deep Diving baits will range anywhere from 10 to 20 feet deep. I use these at the drop offs when the fish are suspended in deeper water and want to chase these off the ledges. Use these on them hot summer days when the bass are bidding down deep. You can also run them along or above the deep weeds.

Lipless: These lipless have a wide variety of ways you can use them. You can slow roll them, burn them fast, the yo-yo technique or pop them on and off the bottom. These baits produce many strikes on the move. These are another great bait to cover a bunch of water real fast. Be creative!

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