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DC vs traditional baitcasters

To start off, DC stands for digital control, this means that the reel is computer-controlled when it you cast. Which results in less backlashes and further casting. Also, besids just the average price point for each of these types of reels, they have their own spots in the fishing world. For example, it would most likely be a

good idea to invest in a DC reel if you are going to use it to cast finicky baits, like plastics or other lighter lures. However, they are very good for open water fishing like crankbaits and jerkbaits, because it allows you to approach downwind if need be. Also, they’re extremely simple to use and require a VERY little amount of thumbing, if any at all. Although, it‘s not a necessary need for using lures like jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, or other heavy and “easy-to-cast” lures. The traditional style is very good for these types, and are much easier to work on or clean. Probably a little more reliable in the long run too. I don’t at all recommend spending the extra money on a DC setup if it’s not needed, unless you already plan on spending a decent amount of money. Then you can choose between the 2 styles for yourself.

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