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Detroit River Walleye

The Detroit River fishing for walleye is just heating up. From all the way up at st. Clair, to all the way down to Erie, people are catching limits FAST. This is because millions of walleye come through the river to spawn, then they head back out to the big lakes. It starts out with big females about this time, and then transitions into mostly smaller, better eating size males as the later spring gets. The fishing is tough right now, but you can still get a limit of FAT females. We used

3/4 oz. jigs with a plastic ”Wyandotte worm“ and tipped with a stinger hook and minnow. This combination seems to be pretty much what all verticle-jigging fisherman are using on the river. Fishing by the candle stick and just south of fighting island are very productive right now. Target waters from 28+ feet to about 14ish, starting a drift in 30’ and working the drift into 12‘ seems to be great, or drifting consistently in about 23’. That’s it, but don’t forget to call ahead to bait shops in Detroit to get news on the latest walleye. Good luck if you go!

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