Don't be a one trick pony!

We all have our favorite fish. In my case it is bass, for others it might be walleye, trout, musky, bluegill, or a host of others. One of the real joys of spring fishing no matter where you are in the country is the possibility of a multi-species day. There is no better time to catch any species that swims than spring freshwater and preparation is key. On my recent trip to Lake Norfork and Bull Shoals in Arkansas I was reminded to take what the lake gives you, listen to the fish and your results will improve.

Walleye on the louslures jerkbait - Break out the jig.

It pays to be prepared to take advantage of whatever shows up on the end of your line. Wherever you live be ready to take advantage of whatever comes your way. Catching on jerk bait and a crappie jumps on, grab that ultralight and toss a small jig at them. The mother load just might be there. Or tossing that crappie jig in a brush pile and a bass jumps on, grab that rod with your favorite plastic or hard bait and give it a go. Spring is not the time to be a one trick pony. Not only can expanding your quarry save your fishing day, it will definitely make you a better fisherman. While the where and what you have in your area plays a role in your preparation there are a couple of simple techniques to increase your catch.

Striper on the Knockin Tail - Toss them the minnow bait.

You don't need 15 rod and reels, the KISS rule is in play in the spring. As a perfect example I took 15 rods to Arkansas and fished with 4. First a minnow bait, either topwater or jerk bait, depending on water temp, it catches everything that swims. (And a plug for louslures - When I ordered a couple of jerkbaits I was able to get it just like I wanted it and boy did they like it. Wish I had ordered a couple of red crankbaits.) Second, a simple hair or feather jig or plastics like the Knockin Tail swim bait from My Coast Outdoors on a spinning rod, simple easy to use baits that will catch them all. And last a crankbait, specifically in a color and size for the fish in your area. In the highland lakes of Arkansas red is the color, and you can get Lou to paint them just like you want it for your area.

Crappie on a crankbait - Feed them a jig.

At times all of us get hung up on a specific fish, or that favorite bait, but if we get a bad case of tunnel vision we just might fish past the day of a lifetime. Fishermen often get that "my particular fish" is better than those other fish and I am going to catch them if it kills me. Of course there are better times for some fish, but there is no time like springtime to catch numbers of fish. My favorite fishing rule - Listen to the fish. It seems so simple and it has served me well over a lifetime of fishing. So the next spring day you hit the water, listen to the fish, feed them what they want, and don't be afraid to expand your catching horizon. You just might have one of those days that keeps us all fishing.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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