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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

What a great day on the lake! Headed out on the small lake to see if we could find some bass. I decided to throw one of my 1.5” square bills in a simple shad pattern I recently painted. Well 20 minutes into the trip and I smash a nice chunk. Worked out way down and Seen a nice little hump with some fish around it. Boom slammed my second bass. Got slow there and we motored over a nice ledge from 1.5 to 10 feet very quickly. Made a few passes along the drop and was able to dig down and grab another in about 8 feet of water. cruised Around some docks and lost a real big pickerel. Thought that snot rocket was gonna snap me for the lucky crank I was running but he didn’t. Got off good! While heading in after about 4 hours we decided to work the banks and caught a total of 7- bass 1- crappie and a chomping from a toothy critter. I would say my custom painted 1.5” square bill went through a rigorous test today and passed with flying colors. Great day for me out there. #gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends

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