Epic Topwater Session...

We started the day out fishing deep cause it was kinda hot. We were fishing a 15-20 feet steep drop off. Couldn’t get bit on the tube or the spinnerbait so we started to cruise towards the shallower water. As we got close to the shore we fished a grass line that started at the bank and came out about 10’ or so and that was about 12’ of water. I been doing really well on top water the past few weeks but nothing like today! I been searching for this blank for a while but could not find it in the smaller size I like so I ordered the bigger size. Painted them up a simple shad pattern in orange and blue and boy did it pay off! 12 fish in the boat with 10 of them being really nice chunks. Check out the tackle box section of the site to order your custom lure today! #gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends #topwateraction

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