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Fishing Lines

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The 3 most common types of fishing lines are monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid. There are a few different ones like “co-polymer” for example, but we aren’t talking about those. First, you want to establish what pound test you are going to need, I usually use 8-12 lb flouro if I’m going to run it as my mainline for bass; however, if it is being used as a leader,I use typically 12-15. I use the same pound test for Monofilament. Now, onto braid. I love using braid. It may sound crazy that I use this strong of line, but it helps with cutting through vegetation, minimizing line stretch, and staying strong after many uses and abrasions. I

typically use 30 lb. braid for dragging big worms through vegetation, all the way up to 55-60 for frogs and flipping. Finally, what’s the difference between all of these lines? Well, braid is a multi-stranded string woven together to create a strong hold. This type has almost 0 stretch, no line memory, thinner than mono or flouro in the same lb. test and strong strength after abrasions. Braid is also hydrophobic; meaning that it won’t absorb water. Which results in the tendency to float. Also, it does not become translucent in the water like flouro or mono. Secondly, flourocarbon. Flouro is a really good line for finesse plastic worms and drop shots. Altbough, this line will sink faster and also has a little less stretch than monofilament, it is a great line for bottom style finesse tactics. Also, it is all around more abrasion resistant than monofilament. And lastly, monofilament line. Mono is a more neutral floating line, great for top water like poppers/whoppa ploppas/spooks. It is a little less abrasion resistant, much more affordable, and has the most line stretch. That’s it, I hope you all learned something. Tight lines!

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