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Get good lures/baits without breaking the bank

Updated: Apr 24

Fishing doesn’t have to be expensive! I love high end tackle just as much as the next tackle junkie but we also know there are some amazing budget options on the market. Many anglers can’t afford the top baits of today but with a little searching you can save money and still catch a lot of fish. So here are some of my favorite budget friendly lures. Remember that a high price tag doesn’t always mean quality. Sometimes cheap prices reflect cheap quality but if you wade through the knock offs and mediocre baits, you’ll discover a handful of true diamonds in the rough. So here are the baits Yum Dinger Stick Bait (8 Pack $2.99) my favorite color is the green pumpkin white chartreuse head. Next up we have the Zoom Super Fluke (10 Pack $3.49) I just use a plane white when fishing this bait. Next up I have a good jig that won’t break the bank, Bass Patrol Football Jigs ($2.49) I have a lot of favorite colors but here are my favorites Brown/Purple, Brown/Orange, Brown/Green Pumpkin, you can pair this jig with a zoom fat Albert single tail grub. So those were just a few of my favorites hope this helped!


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