Get them kids on the water

If you want your kids to love fishing then get them on the water early and at a young age. Both of my daughters have been fishing since a very young age. Let them get tangled up, tie their own nots and lip their own fish. A hook in the finger won't kill them. My oldest daughter stuck with it and is now an avid angler and my greatest fishing partner. She even paints her own lures too. My youngest took the path of digging through the water, turning rocks and catching frogs and bait fish with the net. All while wearing the glam and having her nails done! I would take them out on the boat and fish, or wade through the crick and river hunting for crayfish to find new designs for me to paint. I started them off right away with real fishing gear! No mickey mouse toys. My 14 yr old now fishes better with a bait-caster then most guys. I taught them to fish and not catch. We would spend hours on the boat or kayaks and not catch a thing. But I made sure they learned something from each trip out to take home with them. Sophie is an angler and will fish all day without a bite. Lucie is a catcher. No fish first cast, see ya later and take her home! She wants the net and wants to cruise the banks and catch creatures. No matter what just get them some tackle boxes and rod set ups and get them out as much as possible. #gethooked #louslures #takeakidfishing

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