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Getting a boat ready for the year

Once this ice melts, people can become very anxious to get on the water. This happened to me 😂😂. First thing to do is clean, then load it up with all of your gear. Make sure the bottom of the compartments and lockers are clean too, this is widely overlooked by a lot of people. Secondly, get a full tank of gas and new fluids (lower unit and/or upper). Charge up all the batteries, and pull it out. Next, get it cooled somehow with water and crank it over. Although you may “know it will start”, it is always best to let it run for about 10 minutes to make sure it gets fresh fuel in and will stay running. That’s it, now it’s time to get on the water, and always make sure to let the motor warm up a little longer in the beginning of the year, especially more if the water is cold.

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