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How to maintain your baitcasting reel

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Baitcasting reels have made fishing look like a piece of cake because they let us fish with accuracy and efficiency. But nothing lasts long if it is not maintained good and baitcasters are no different. They will start losing their effectiveness once you stop taking care of them.Soak a soft and clean  cloth with  alcohol and then wipe the fishing reel and every part of it with the cleaning cloth. Now, What should you use for oil? Before you begin to use any oil, it is recommended to use oil that is designed for your baitcasting model only. You can find the exact type of oil for your model in the instructions. Some manufacturers offer oil with the baitcasters. Now onto grease. Grease is used for the cleanliness of the internal gear. But, you should not make sure to drop a small amount of grease only on the main gear. Now that you’ve figured out what your using to clean it now it’s on to the challenging part, disassembling. I recommend getting on the website for the brand of your reel, or what I normally do is get on YouTube and look up the disassembling of the specific reel and brand.

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