Hunting for Pre Spawn Pigs

We started out looking for some bass along the banks and fished pretty hard for about 2 hours without bite. My Dad said let’s go explore and look for some new structure. We wanted to see if we could figure out the route they where taking to the spawning beds. So we started by trying to find some warmer water and some shallow spots leading to deeper water and hope some were holding if we found it. After graphing in the new area we found a killer Honey Hole. A nice shallow rocky area the was about 1-2 foot deep and ran from the bank about 15 yards to a drop off to about 12’ of water. Sunny and windy with water temps of around 50. We floated this ledge for about 100 yards down the bank and where able to #gethooked on some piggies using my custom painted 1.5” Squarebills and 3” pumplin seed grubs I poured. Got around a dozen bass, a few snot rockets and a slab crappie in the boat between me and my Dad. The pre spawn bite is on for us here at our local lakes and we are off the a great start!

#gethooked #louslures

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