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Painting my own lures is the best thing for me aside from being on the water and catching fish with my own baits. When I can’t fish, I get myself out to the shop and try to get in lite making zone. I got a cool set up with my computer work station and my dipping and assembly table. Then I have my cases of lure blanks along side my work bench and paint area. I have a decent little photo taking setup and a stencil making machine for making custom stencils. I have two walls covered with pics of fish that were caught on my lures and lures that I painted. Got a TV for some watching but mostly tunes from the Google home speaker. It is a great hangout!

One of the best parts about painting for me is creating custom baits for the customer and interacting with them and having them be a part of the process to create their own one of a kind!

While I am painting I am able to think about my next mission on the water. Will the fish be looking for something specific? What colors matter right now? Which lure body do I paint? The 2.5” Squarebills are fun to paint but they are hitting the rattle traps right now. Hmm, what to do? Maybe top water? The poppers and spoons are a blast to paint also. Either way at the end of the session I have accomplished and created an awesome custom bait. Maybe it’s going in my box or maybe it’s going across the country and someone may catch their personal best on it! It is a win win for me because this is my life and my passion. It will never be work!

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