Inside the lure painting booth

Fishing and the outdoors have been a passion of mine for my whole life. Art is in my genes and I have been painting and drawing my whole life. I am able to actually combine two passion I have in life. Fishing and Art. When I am not on the water I am either with my family or in the paint booth creating lures. I get to work with other fisherman to make them the perfect custom lure or paint them a pattern that is no longer available. I have a lure testing pond right next to the shop so I can even test all my lures after they are painted and rigged with hardware. At the end of the fishing day there is nothing like catching a fish on something you created! Then thanks to a loyal following and customer base I can keep creating these killer custom baits and send them all around the world for people to #gethooked and send back some cool pics. I have my box filled with all my customs and usually don’t fish much else. They just produce fish for me and I have a ton of confidence in them!

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