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Is tournament fishing a sport?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I was recently talking to a friend that doesn’t avidly fish and the topic of tournament fishing came up. He was shocked when I told him that we could actually compete for money while fishing. I asked him what he thought of when he heard the word fishing and he delivers the same response I’ve gotten several times throughout the years, “Well you get your cooler with the drinks and snacks, you put a worm on the hook and then you just have to sit there and wait.” Lets get this straight tournament fishing or fishing in general isn’t sitting on a bucket with a drink in hand, you’re screaming down the lake at 70 mph pelted in the face by sleet, rain, and snow, crashing into three foot tall waves that jar your whole body.

All the while keeping the pedal to the metal because you know a hundred and fifty other guys are doing the same thing. No, you’re not getting tackled by a 300 pound football player but if we can all agree that bowling is a sport, I think we can quickly see that fishing is certainly physically demanding enough to qualify. It’s rare that a tournament is canceled or postponed due to weather. Basically there has to be an imminent danger. Nothing short of 40-mile per hour winds will typically delay competition. In baseball, if a slight sprinkle starts coming down it’s time to cover the infield and wait it out.

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