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Jerkbait Fishing

Jerkbait fishing is for sure one of my top favorite techniques. What a lot of people don’t understand, is that it can be applied year-around. Although, it is a VERY popular cold water tactic. You want to run about 12-14lb line, or braid to a long 12 lb. flourocarbon leader. Do a snap, pause, snap snap, pause action. With a decent amount of pause in cooler water for suspicious and lethargic fish. For warm water, you should do the same action. But, shorten the distance between the snaps (shorter pause). Now, where do you fish? I find the best place to use jerkbaits is typically wherever you would throw a crank bait, except for ledges. Like weed lines, weed flats, rocks, and other similar structure. It is best to leave ledge fishing to things like crankbaits, jigs, dropshots etc. Also, search for fish in about 5-10 ft. of water. That’s it, but remember: if you think you’re fishing it too fast, you probably are. Always fish it slow, with fast snaps.

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