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Key Fishing Snacks for a Day of Fishing

Some people think of this topic just as a sandwich with chips, and maybe a cold pop or beer(depending on age). However, I personally pack those types of food too. But it’s always good to have snacks that don’t easily expire, spill, rot, melt, or are time consuming to eat; that you could just leave in your boat or fishing pack 24/7. It’s also important to have healthy snacks that offer dietary values. These snacks include, but are NOT limited to Beef Jerky, Clif bars, chewy granola bars, sunflower seeds, almonds and maybe a sleeve of ritz crackers. I know this may seem like a simple topic, but a long day of being active, in the cold or heat. Uses a lot of energy, which if not refueled can lead to sleepiness, headaches, and all around being off your game. Also, don’t forget about water. It’s always best to keep atleast a few extra bottles of water with you, especially to wash down salty jerky or crackers.

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