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Looking for a used boat?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Looking for a used boat can be a very intimidating thing, especially if you’ve never bought a used boat before. The first thing to do is establish what kind/year(s) of boat you want, and how much you’re willing to spend to get what you are looking for. Now that you’ve found what you like, it’s time to find one. There are great websites like “boat trader”, “bass boat central”, Facebook marketplace, dealer trade-in websites, and craigslist. Alright, so now you’ve found the boat you like. There are still a few things to take into factor. Starting with the trailer, you want to check the overall trailer condition, tire condition, bearings, trailer brakes, lights, and The frame condition. Second, is the boat. This is a HUGE factor in the price, because about 85-90% of the amount you’re paying is just for the boat. A few things to start with checking, is for poor wiring, any overall weathering (factoring in for the price), any fluid leaks (hydraulic steering/oil), scratches and damages on the sides, top and beneath the boat. Now, is onto probably the top 3 things to check. Starting with the motor, first thing to check is the total number of engine hours. Then onto compression, lower unit damage, overrall sound of the motor running, and the absence of dirt/oil build up on the powerhead (under the cowling). The second main thing to check only applies if it is not full composite, meaning no wood. If there is wood, you would FOR SURE want to check the floor, decks, and 100% the transom. And if possible check the stringers. And lastly, is it everything you expected? Did you find anything wrong with it that you didn’t expect to find; and if so, is the owner willing to re-negotiate the price? Have fun and safe boating.

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