Milligan’s Custom Lures

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I purchased some custom made jigs from Milligan’s and wanted to let everyone know how great they are. After placing my order I had pics of the finished product that evening.

I wanted to write something up to share and this is what Milligan’s told me. We are just a small family ran business. Just me and my dad. He taught me to fish. That passion turned to an obsession! I was probably 15 when we bought a shaky head mold. It's be crazy ever since. I have the majority of the baits we make on the page, but we are constantly getting new molds and new skirting materials to give us an edge, just to be a little different. 100% of our profit goes into new molds and new colors. That way we can continue to get customers the custom lures they are looking for!!! I love it when we can make someone something that they can't buy in stores. Something that they truly believe will catch fish and could be a difference maker!!

So with that being said, head on over to Milligan’s Custom Lures and #gethooked with some custom jigs

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