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Picking Plastic Colors

Updated: Feb 25

I typically use some sort of plastic lure almost every time I fish. Whether it be on as a trailer, drop shot, wacky rig, ned rig, Texas rig, Carolina rig, or more; you should always make sure to have the correct color. Typically, if the water is stained or muddy, you’re going to want to represent a silhouette in the water. This can be done by using a dark black/blue, dark purple, black, etc. Now, if the water is clear, you‘re going to want to use a more natural color. For example, watermelon, pumpkin, brown, etc. Although for clear water you’re going to want to use natural colors, sometimes you can get a reaction bite if it is sunny out by using colors like pink, purple, red, or neon. Also, for night time. People may think to use bright colors so they stand out, but that isn’t correct. The best colors to use are very dark, like black. That’s how you pick plastic colors, hope this helped you. Tight Lines!

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