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Pike fishing Michigan

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Northern pike are known as a predatory fish, this is a fish that has an attitude, no fear, and a big reputation of being an all around aggressive fish! I start my season with stick baits (floating or suspending) in that 7 to 8-inch size that look like a perch or baby pike. Large males and females coming off spawn are very territorial towards each other and an innocent 8-inch baby pike is an easy meal that hardly ever gets turned down. I want these stick baits to barely move with a very subtle and boring action. As the water warms up late may early June here in Michigan. I start using baits with more action Larger swimbaits and spinner baits are a go-to this time of year. The water is generally clearing up after spring run offs and the natural appearance of a swim bait gets the job done, and the flash of the spinner bait will get them all the time.

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