Spring = New boat, new gear, & new tackle management

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Well, spring of 2020 is coming very early this year and will be floating in the new boat tomorrow. New boats have a strong emphasis on storage and mine is no exception. I have reorganized all of my current tackle and realized one major fact. I have a lot of funds invested in tackle!

With this being said, I have totally revisited my storage methods to help protect that tackle. I have for years used the top tackle and stored it in normal 3700 boxes, etc. but todays market offers so many other options to protect your gear. Why would you invest in custom painted baits, the best razor sharp hooks, and other terminal gear only to have it deteriorate or rust while being stored.

Don't get me wrong, I will still use many 3700 boxes, but they will only be stored in my dry storage compartments. All of my other gear that will be stored in bungee cargo netting around the deck will now only be stored in waterproof containers. I have invested in many types and sizes to test what works best for me, but I can already tell you that having my "exposed" gear in waterproof containers makes easy access to primary tackle for any certain day.

Another thing to be concerned with is heat during storage. I always store my boat inside when not in use and all of my hatches are open to not only allow for humidity to escape but also to allow any fuel fumes to escape, etc. This practice also allows for the heat to dissipate to a certain point as well. I cannot tell you how many times I have opened up tackle trays to find painted baits stuck together, or to have them to bloated or warped. It is a good practice to open your trays periodically to inspect and possibly spread your baits around so they can breathe.

As I float the boat for it's first fishing outing tomorrow, I will not have any concerns of my quality painted baits being affected by their storage method. I cannot however protect them from burying their hooks into a log....

Hope this opens the eyes of some of you guys that use custom gear so you can continue to use it for its intended purposes rather than as key chains.


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