Superbassholes Online Fishing Tournament...

I was approached by Kevin Wilson of the Northwest Bassholes about 3 years ago for an order of 12 custom painted lures for his prize boxes for his online fishing tournament. We got talking and painting and Kevin kept placing orders throughout the year for his tourny prizes and continued to do so each year since. I wanted to build something like this but thought man this would be pretty hard to do. Then Kevin asked me to join him in this venture and I could not resist! I started working through my Facebook group and Website to build up this tournament And get as many lures painted as I could for the prize boxes.

Kevin supports small businesses and uses various artists and lure creators to fill the prize boxes with custom painted lures, hand poured custom soft plastics, hand tied flys, hand made spinner baits, jigs and the list goes on. He looks for people with a true passion for fishing and creating custom lures as a life style and helps spread their businesses to all of you anglers out there. He is a great dude.

I am looking forward to many years to come and seeing these tournaments grow. Swing on over to for all the details on how to join this FREE annual fishing tournament. Yes I said FREE. Kevin built this to bring anglers together and give back to help others. Kevin has invested a ton of time and money into these tournaments and spared no expense to bring our fishing groups and anglers all together to grow our loving sport and life style. I am honored that he asked me to be a part of this!

Join today and be a better angler tomorrow!

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