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Targeting Summer Smallmouth

When fishing for Summer Smallmouth, you should focus not just on water temp or clarity, but the weather. I’ve noticed, that the weather has a major impact on fish, but even a bigger impact on smallies. This being said, a cloudy day should still be a great day, but the fish will most likely be out deep with the baitfish. During sunny days, the fish will be shallower. Smallmouth are definitely my favorite type of freshwater fish to catch, mostly because they are built like tanks and can put up a fight like 2 largemouths the same size put together. But when you’re finding them, don’t go too shallow. Unless it’s nearing dark, then they might be moving up into shallower water. You should focus on using a tube, dropshot, or a spy bait somewhere between 12-21 ft. Look for rocks, weed lines, or drop offs. These places are typically holding smallies because of the big clouds of baitfish that congregate there. Also, using a spinnerbait for those shallower smallmouth in about 6-10 ft is also VERY effective. That’s it! But don’t forget to use technology to your advantage and look for fish with graphs.

1st fish- 5.9 lb

2nd- 18ish pound bag (including 5th fish)


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