These poppers get bit. PERIOD!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Here are a few shots from Denise Esteppe, a member of the Get Hooked group and 3rd place winner from last years Supper Basshole Fishing Tournament for her region. These poppers went to Kevin Wilson who started the tournament over in the Northwest Bassholes facebook group. I painted these poppers specifically for a friend and team member TJ McAdams who was going to Florida to fish some ponds while golfing. I called them the Florida Gator. They seem to #gethooked everywhere they go. These along with many other patterns can be ordered in the Tackle Box section of my website site. Spring is right around the corner and the top water bite will be slamming soon. Don't be late to the top water bite with one of these bad boys!

#gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends

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