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Top three winter lures for bass

Winter time fishing for largemouth bass can be one of the most frustrating yet rewarding experiences an angler can have. It’s a period of time most fishermen store away their gear until spring. While there are hardcore fishing enthusiasts who ice fish throughout the colder months; for those who prefer and have the benefit of open water during this season, here are my top three baits for winter bass. The first one is a jerkbait. Using a jerk, jerk, pause motion with a slow action will yield some explosive strikes from weary bass.  Today, there are hundreds of jerkbaits with various features to choose from. In my opinion one of the best looking jerkbaits is the lous lures Custom Order 110 Style Jerk Bait Suspending. My favorite color to get this amazing looking lure in is a purple and white, that is my go to color no matter the season up here in Michigan. Now onto the next bait. Lipless crankbaits create a variety of sounds. Some let off a high-pitched rattling or have a slow knocking thud. There are even silent ones for times when a bass has become desensitized and required something different to trigger a reaction strike. Lipless cranks can be retrieved with  quick up-down motion, or straight cranking it in. One of the best looking lipless cranks has to be the custom order 1/2 oz lipless crankbait. My favorite lipless crank color is a red craw color which is really good for cold water temperatures.

Now onto the last bait. When bass aren’t hitting moving baits, the bottom-dragging football jig perfectly imitates a crawfish with just the right amount of action to entice nervous bass.  Crawfish are staples for providing bass the sustenance to survive when baitfish are not enough.  Pairing this jig with a compact trailer and fishing it around rock or gravel is recommended.  These jigs cover large amounts of water quickly and aid in detecting bottom composition. Fluorocarbon is key to providing the right sensitivity needed.  You can pair a football jig with just about anything for darker water I recommend a black a blue trailer. You can use a watermelon pumpkin seed for just about any water color.

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