So I was sitting in the vaccine spot and I was looking at google maps. I notice this lake right next to me. I’m like 👀! After my 15 minute waiting period to see if I had any reaction to the shot, I rolled right over there. Low and behold I had to scoot past a no fishing sign at the base of a big hill so I knew I was in the right spot. Found a parking spot across the street and darted up the hill hoping to not have to hop a fence. Oh yea no fence baby!! Run down the other side of the hill to the bank and start casting. 5 casts in and my phone rings. I never answer a number I don’t know but for some reason I did. Son of bitch I left my wallet at the hospital. Grrrrr. So after running back to get it because I should have been on my way to work I decided not to be late for work and come back when I have more time. Bass - 1 Lou - 0

ill be back. #gethooked #louslures #fishingfiends #brizbaits

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