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Tuning and Fishing Frogs for Bass

Fishing frogs for bass is probably one of my favorite ways to catch warm water bass. First off though, you need to make sure you are going to hook the fish, not get strikes and miss. Now, I don’t have any problems with live target frogs (my favorite) but I do have a lot of problems with hookups on “booyah frogs”, “spto”, etc. These lures still get hit, but I miss a lot of fish, first thing I do is I bend the hooks up a little bit so that they sit off of the body about 1/16 of an inch, then I boil them for about 1 minute in hot water. After this, they should be at about their peak performance. With a softer body and better angled hooks. Now, when picking out a frog, you want to get a frog that is taller than most, this is because with a larger body. It will force the top of the frog to squish more/easier than one with a skinny body. Ok, now that you have your frogs tuned and picked out, you need to know where and when to fish them. I typically throw frogs on hot and sunny summer or spring days. This is most effective because the bass are forced into the shade due to the warm water and their dark bodies heating up due to the sunlight. You should target pads, scum, or even docks with pads and Scum near by. That’s it, hope this helped you out.

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