Tuning your Crank Bait...

Crank baits are the 4x4 of baits. They are meant to be bounced off rocks, bangEd into brush piles, logs and or docks. Then we want to have it swim back to us nice and straight with that perfect wobble. After a few hundred retrieves it may need some tending to. This takes a small bit of tuning and it is very simple to do. If your crankbait is swimming to the right you want to twist the line tie just a bit to the left and follow this same process if the bait is swimming to the left, then give the line tie a small turn to the right.

You may need to take a couple casts and make an adjustment again but that’s all it takes.

In some cases you may want to force your crankbait to the right or left to bounce in and out of dock posts or around a point. Use this simple technique to make little adjustments and you will be tuned and true!

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