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Understanding electronic options

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Electronics are a great resource that we have access to today, that our grandparents didn’t. Although they may seem very confusing and hard to use, it is actually very easy to use and control. But hard to understand what you‘re looking for/ looking at on a graph. Before you set your mind on a certain graph, start by thinking what you’re going to be using them for. If you don’t REALLY need side imaging in every day fishing, there really isn’t much of a reason to pay the extra money for it. Also, it is important to understand some words that you may hear, like “Chirp”, ”Sonar” or “DownScan”. These words are all very close in relation. “Chirp” is just a way of saying high quality sonar, because it utilizes different frequencies. “Downscan” is also like Sonar, except it shows structure in high definition, or in other words “precision sonar”. Downscan has a narrower beam front to back, but a wider one side to side. And lastly, ”Sidescan”. Sidescan is not needed in every situation, however it does allow you to see bottom structure and fish shadows to the side of your boat. For example, I would invest the money into Sidescan on atleast the console fishfinder so that you can idle with the main motor to find fish to the sides of the boat. Although I never mentioned all fish finder options like panoptics etc. The ones mentioned are the most common options available while selecting fish finders.

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