Walleye Technique Alternative

When you are lucky enough to live less than 3 miles from the Detroit River in the spring, you get the opportunity to fish for and catch a lot of walleyes. By the time mid-May comes around a lot of angler pressure is lessening and many move to the big lake (Erie) for trolling cranks and harnesses. We prefer to do a combination of that but to stay in the river still.

We have been doing this for many years, probably since 1999, with great success. We are utilizing bottom bouncers with harnesses or small spoons following along the bottom. We simply position the boat facing downstream, and turn on the bow mounted electric motor to a speed just slightly faster than the current. When dropping our harnesses or spoons into the water alongside the boat, we like to look at the blade action to make sure the presentation is running correctly. You want to make sure that the spinners are doing full revolutions every time to create flash and vibration for the fish to find.

Once we have the correct speed, we try to then use the correct weighted bottom bouncer to achieve about a 45 degree angle of entry into the water for our lines. Once this is achieved, it is a very relaxing day of sitting back and watching your graph for current breaks, new weed edges, or balls or bait fish. This method allows a lot more maneuvering on each pass than vertical jigging since you can counter the wind without losing your presentation's effectiveness.

With a bow mounted Minn Kota, we can either control the direction and speed with the fob or the foot pedal pulled to the back of the boat. We prefer the foot pedal so we can both slow the boat down upon a fish being hooked. Keep in mind, you may encounter the random Musky or huge schools of silver bass as well and having your partner control the boat during these times is crucial and adds to the experience in a positive manner.

The next time you are looking for a new alternative presentation, give bottom bouncers a try and see how it works out for you.


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