What is a fishing fiend?

Your wife, kids, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents all hate the word fishing and are ready to disown you if they have to hear about it again. You’re family doesn’t invite you to parties on the weekends because they know you will be fishing.

You think about fishing just about every free second you have. Non fishing people tagging you on Facebook because it was fish related, even co workers asking if you are fishing this weekend.

I became a #fishingfiend in 1980 something when my Dad and GranDad started taking me fishin. to This day it is one thing I have been doing my whole life and have loved since I started. Never veered away like other things baseball, hockey and some other sports. Fishing is, was, and always will my passion in life

Fast forward to 2015 and I met Sean at a tattoo shop I once worked at and was visiting. Next thing ya know he invites me to his Facebook fishing group the Fishing Fiends. I joined and the rest is history. I rep the Fishing Fiends Brand hardcore! They have a deep meaning and awesome brand!

Swing over and check them out! Grab a tee and a hoodie

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