What kind of vessel you rocking?

I been fishing for just about 35 years and have been fortunate enough to be able to fish a few different ways. I have 2 - 16 foot jet boats, one with a 20hp tiller motor and the other with a 40hp console. Also have a Vibe 130 Sea Ghost which is the greatest kayak ever for big guys. Float trips for the day in the summer down the Delaware river on the kayaks would be the best. Using trucks at the pick up and drop off points and flowing down stream for miles and miles. and then there is nothing like running your jet boat up river through huge rapids and sometimes even 6" of water at top speed. Sometimes just cruising and graphing the lake for off shore structure and taking it easy on on of the two awesome lakes we have here in my local area. No matter what you are fishing from, make the best of it, have fun and learn something new. #gethooked #lousluresandjetboattours

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